How I Make iPad Notes

Hello everybody!!! Welcome to today’s top requested video on how I take my aesthetic iPad notes with Goodnotes. This was a monster to produce/film/edit, but I FINALLY finished it. It LITERALLY has everything I do to take notes, nothing skipped or missed in the process, one of my longest videos yet. In the process, I even ran out of computer space , but I fixed that and everything is all good. Be sure to like, subscribe, and leave a comment Have a great weekend y’all, see u next week

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0:00 intro
0:32 Goodnotes Organization

1:18 How to do Goodnotes Calligraphy
→ settings: highest pressure sensitivity, 0.5mm thickness
→ calligraphy practice:

2:01 Paper Settings
→ dark/black grid paper in letter size:
→ legal paper templates:

2:45 Use a color scheme
→ choose a color scheme that shows up well on selected paper
→ I usually pick pastel colors
→ Pinterest color board:
→ hex code image picker:

4:41 Title Ideas
→ cool fonts app: GoDaddy Studio
→ idk cursive? try this:
→ 5:46 my fave fonts (inkling, ostrich, blanch, cookies and cream) –
→ 5:55 subtitle ideas

6:48 Pen Thickness
→ Usually 0.6mm to 0.4mm with the ball pen

7:04 Bullet points
• point 1
﹥point 2
— point 3

7:20 How I take notes (textbook vs. PowerPoint)
→ textbook: to learn some material
→ PowerPoint: to condense the slides

7:48 actually writing and “notetaking”

8:05 how to add diagrams
→ 8:12 find image
→ 8:53 trace and color image with a lighter color
→ 10:13 draw finer details in a darker color

LOL ^^ writing that took forever, but I just wanted to “transcript” the video so it’s easier for you to reference

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Thank you honestly so MUCH for watching my videos, it means so much to me! 🤧


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