Node.js: Creating your first project

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In our journey to master Node.js development on Debian/Ubuntu Linux systems, we’re going to guide you through creating your first Node.js project, and writing your first program.

As an additional step, we’ll also introduce you to nodemon, which is a program you can use to automatically re-run your code any time it changes. This tool can improve your speed and overall joy when working with Node.js.

Helpful Links:

Tools: How To Install Ubuntu using WSL on Windows 10/11: []
Tools: How To Install Node.js via nvm on Debian/Ubuntu/Kali Linux: []
Initializing Node.js applications: []
Nodemon npm registry page: []

Useful Commands:

Create a directory: mkdir [directory_name]
Change directories: cd [directory_name]
Initialize an NPM project: npm init
Create a file: touch [file_name]
Execute a Node.js program: node [file_path]
Install a NPM module globally: npm install -g [package_name]
Monitor a Node.js program with nodemon: nodemon [file_path]

Let’s continue this Node.js adventure together!

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