9. Food Order Website with PHP and MySQL (Connecting Frontend and Backend)

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This is the 9th part of our “Food Order Website with PHP and MySQL” Course. In this part you’ll work on
Converting Frontend into PHP
Connecting Frontend with Backend using PHP
Display Foods and Categories in Frontend using PHP

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Hello Everyone,
Welcome back to “Food Order Website” course, you will learn to create complete dynamic and fully functional website using PHP programming language and MySQL Database.

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Table of Contents

02:15 – Converting HTML to PHP
04:00 – Creating Partials
13:25 – Adding Constants on ‘menu.php’
18:55 – Displaying Categories on Home Page
38:07 – Displaying Active Categories on ‘categories.php’
47:25 – Displaying Active and Featured Foods on Home Page
59:15 – Fixing Bug on ‘update-food.php’
01:06:44 – Displaying Foods on ‘foods.php’

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