NodeJS Microservice with Serverless : Master Class – E4

This is a Master Class series of NodeJS microservice with Serverless technology. Through this series, we will build a C2C portal from scratch to a production-ready stage with all best practices. We will follow distributed architecture and principles to achieve the application goal.

The Main Attraction of this Series are:

– NodeJS Microservice
– Serverless Technology
– Distributed System
– CAP Theorem
– Service Discovery
– Microservice Communication
– Continuous Deployment & Delivery
– Infrastructure As Code
– Aws Infrastructure
– Auto Scaling & Handle User Traffic
– Multiple Language Services
– Logging and monitoring

You can sit tight and fasten your seatbelt to ride with me in this series to improve your backend skills to the pro level.

I will be covering the Frontend part as well once we set up all services on cloud infrastructure.

Content of this Episode:
– Expose API Endpoints
– Serverless Deployment
– Dependency Injection
– Middleware in Lambda

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