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In this video tutorial series, the self-taught developer teaches you as a beginner to use the PHP library, PDO (PHP Data Objects). By the end of the video series, you will have a good understanding of how you as a beginner developer can read, write, delete, and update data objects in the tables contained within a database.

As a developer, in the beginning, you will also have a good understanding of how you can write complex SQL statements using the PDO library programmed in PHP.
Also, it will teach you how to programmatically connect to a database, be it MySQL, Sqlite, MongoDB, SQL, or any other databases that are available for developers to use.
This video series about PDO in PHP will also teach you how to insert data into a table, using SQL statements, within your database, avoiding any SQL inject threats.
You will also be able to execute SQL queries using SQL inject safe statements.

This PHP video series for beginners will also teach you about how to use the bindParam and bindValue PHP methods that come with the PDOStatement object to know who you can use PHP variables to have their values assigned to portions of the SQL statement using placeholders.

This PHP beginners guide to PDO, video series about how to program in PHP, and especially how to read and write data to a database will also teach you how you can retrieve large lists of data that will be transformed to PHP data objects.

If you require to program complete custom SQL statements, this is also very possible using the PDO library used in PHP. You can use the PDOStatements exec object instance method, this will allow you to execute vanilla structured query language queries. It is best to avoid using these methods and try to use bindParam and bindValue instead to avoid the threat of SQL injection.

This beginner’s guide, video series about PDO using PHP will also explain to you how to connect to a database using PHP, and allow for the PDO library to worry about the technology that is behind it. Easily said, you shouldn’t care about which database is behind PDO, you tell it what type of database it is and PDO will create a connection for you.

This beginner’s video tutorial series about PHP Data Objects will also teach you about how to use the prepare statement object instance method to avoid SQL injection. Also, explain why it is best to always prepare a statement in PDO prior to it being executed.

This beginner’s video tutorial series will teach you how to become a web developer that has a good understanding of how to read and write from a database safely. Knowing that the data that is sent from a website form will be securely saved to a database and the data sent back to the client is free from any SQL injection because the developer has executed the code correctly using PDO statements, together with bindParam and bindValue to make certain that no injected or dangerous SQL commands have been inserted into the SQL statement and the database.

Once you have learned how you can use PDO, you are well on your way to being able to do anything that you could normally do in a terminal accessing the MySQL database directly. Such as creating a table, dropping a database, create a database, use a database, list all tables in a database, select all items in a database table, filter through all rows, fields, and columns in a database table using a structured query language.

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA-klM5kGn8

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