PostfixAdmin – Set Up A Mail Server with PostfixAdmin on Ubuntu | Debian – Part 4

PostfixAdmin – Set Up A Mail Server with PostfixAdmin on Ubuntu | Debian – Part 4 – Install and Configure PostfixAdmin

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In this series: Set Up A Mail Server with PostfixAdmin on Ubuntu | Debian

Part 1 – Install Postfix Dovecot Services and Create Database for Mail Server:

Part 2 – Configure Postfix with MySQL/MariaDB:

Part 3 – Configure Dovecot with MySQL/MariaDB:–U

Part 4 – Install and Configure PostfixAdmin:

Part 5 – Add Domain – Add Accounts and Testing on Mail Client with Outlook:

Part 6 – Install and Configure SSL/TLS Certificate for Mail Server:

Part 7 – Installation and Configuration of OpenDKIM Integration with Postfix:

Part 8 – Installation and Configuration of SpamAssassin Integration with Postfix:

Part 9 – Install and Configure WebMail with RoundCubeMail:

About PostfixAdmin

PostfixAdmin is a web interface designed for managing email systems based on Postfix. It simplifies the administration of email accounts, domains, and related configurations, allowing system administrators to perform important tasks easily through its user-friendly web interface.

Features of PostfixAdmin:

Email Account Management:
Create, edit, and delete email accounts for individual users and user groups.
Set passwords, manage storage quotas, and configure various security settings for each email account.
Domain Management:
Add and remove email domains.
Configure MX records and SPF settings for domains.
Manage domain-related settings and email configurations.
Granular User Permissions:
Define user and administrator permissions through a flexible role-based access control system.
Manage multiple domains and mailboxes from a straightforward interface.
Integrated Security Measures:
Secure login credentials and email data.
Support encryption techniques to protect sensitive data.
User-Friendly and Customizable:
User-friendly interface, making it easy for users to perform tasks without deep technical knowledge.
Customizable and expandable based on specific system requirements.

With PostfixAdmin, email system administrators can save time and effort managing hundreds or even thousands of email accounts and domains through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


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