02. Build Homepage UI | Build Your Own Blog with React, Nextjs | JAMstack

In this video, we will build the Homepage UI of our blogging site.

‘Build your own blog’ is video series where I will teach you how to build a Jamstack blogging website with react, nextjs, and markdown.

Check the full video series from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMGdsjmw0q8&list=PLEr-WXao6eSPBeUOaaHnQ1qG22_J5hM1o

The application has:

– Static Blog pages which will make the website load faster.
– Blogs will have code blocks with syntax highlighting and many embed components like youtube videos, GitHub gist, Twitter and so many other things.
– Autocomplete search feature for the blog posts.
– Real-time view counter and so on.

Technologies we will use are:

– React
– Nextjs
– Chakra-UI
– Nextjs API Routes
– MongoDB

Source Code: https://github.com/thatanjan/cules-blog-yt-chakra-ui
Chakra-UI crash course: https://youtu.be/hJ873mLhmFQ
Responsive image with Aspect Ratio: https://youtu.be/YYxfwDWuPmc


0:00 Introduction
0:38 Build App Header
8:40 Create Blog Preview Card
19:18 Implement Custom Chakra Link component
32:00 Build App Drawer
41:17 Create Page Layout
44:25 Implement Toggle color mode feature
48:18 Make Logo as a Link
49:42 Outro

About me

Why do I do what I do?
— The Internet has revolutionized our life. I want to make the internet more beautiful and useful.

What do I do?
— I ended up being a full-stack software engineer.

What can I do?
— I can develop complex full-stack web applications like social media applications or e-commerce sites.

What have I done?
— I have developed a social media application called Confession. The goal of this application is to help people overcome their imposter syndrome by sharing our failure stories. I also love to share my knowledge. So, I run a youtube channel called Cules Coding where I teach people full-stack web development, data structure algorithms, and many more. So, Subscribe to Cules Coding so that you don’t miss the cool stuff.

Want to work with me?
— I am looking for a team where I can show my ambition and passion and produce great value for them.
Contact me through my email or any social media as @thatanjan. I would be happy to have a touch with you.


Email: thatanjan@gmail.com

Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/thatanjan/

portfolio: https://thatanjan.me/

Github: https://github.com/thatAnjan/

Instagram personal: https://instagram.com/thatAnjan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thatAnjan

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Stay safe and goodbye.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xQN3jODP0k

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