How She Hired as Frontend Developer in Microsoft – Step by Step to Crack Product Companies in 2024

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Today we have with us Shumbul Arifa (Frontend Developer at Microsoft) who was able to crack an Offer from Microsoft with her hard work, consistency, and patience.

A little glimpse of Shumbul’s Professional Journey:

– Cracked multiple offers from Qualcomm, JP Morgan, etc
– Crack an opportunity to work in Microsoft through the Microsoft Engage Program
– Converted Internship to Full Time Offer from Microsoft with her hard work.
– Currently working in Microsoft and building products like GitHub Copilot, Power BI, etc.

We discussed tips on Microsoft Interview Experience, Parents’ Reaction after getting an offer from Microsoft, How to handle challenges in projects, DSA Preparation Strategy, How people are Deployed to Projects in Microsoft, Some mistakes she has made in her journey, and much more.
It was really a great experience listening to her journey.

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00:00 Coming Up
1:13 Welcome Introduction
2:06 Shumbul की कॉलेज Journey
3:00 College में Kaunsi Companies आई थी?
3:28 Kya आपके दिमाग में था Microsoft Crack करना है??
5:16 Microsoft Crack करने पर Parents का Reaction??
6:16 Microsoft मैं PPO लेने का सफर
6:44 Microsoft Interview Process
8:18 Shumbul की DSA Preparation Strategy
11:51 Microsoft me React + Typescript पे Training Par बातचीट
12:20 Microsoft में काम करके कैसा लगता है??
13:22 Projects mein Challenges क्या आते हैं?
13:54 Problems ko Solve करणे Ki आपकी Approach??
14:35 Where do you see yourself in the Coming Years??
15:02 Shumbul की Journey की Mistakes
15:51 Conclusion

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