Python Tutorial For Beginners 2023 | Python Full Course In One Video

Learn Python In 2 Hours with Python Crash Course For Beginners with no prerequisite | Python Course with real world exercises/projects.
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In this Python crash course you will learn all the important concepts of Python with example like Variable, Data types, Loop, Lists, Dictionaries, Functions, Exception handling in Python etc. We will be building some real world exercises / projects in this course. There is no prerequisite to learn this course, anyone with zero programming knowledge can learn this Python Crash Course.

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Course content timestamp:

00:00 Introduction to Python
03:58 Python and PyCharm Installation
07:30 Behind the IDE
08:50 Variables in Python
14:55 Data-types in Python
17:29 String Methods
26:16 First Exercise
32:07 Type Conversion
35:32 Formatted Strings
39:19 Comments
43:09 Arithmetic Operations
45:34 Operators Precedence
49:42 Math Module
01:03:31 Conditional Statements
01:15:57 Comparison Operators
01:18:30 Logical Operators
01:24:04 Loops
01:38:51 Loop Control
01:44:44 Second Exercise
01:50:22 Lists in Python
02:10:45 Lists Methods
02:16:22 Unpacking Lists
02:19:42 Dictionaries
02:26:36 Unpacking Dictionaries
02:30:14 Functions
02:47:55 Exception Handling

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