SUP Tips: How to stand up on a paddle board and stay balanced

Stand up paddle board tips for staying stable after you’ve stood up.

My method is to immediately place the flat paddle blade in the water as soon as you get up. Or paddle for stability. Practice on shore to try it out. If you fall, fall flat away from the board. Falling is normal! Check out my videos for climbing back on.

Wear a PFD and leash to make sure you don’t lose your board after a fall.

Gear used in this video and/or recommended (Note: Some gear is video is outdated):

– NRS SUP Coil Leash (attach to waist to not walk on it)
– SurfCo Superflex rubber 9″ fin:
– MTI Fluid 2.0 Belt Pack Co2 PFD
– NRS Zephyr Belt Pack Co2 PFD –
– Vest option: Mustang Survival Vibe PFD
– Vest option; Mustang Survival Khimera foam/CO2 vest PFD:
– Boardworks Shibu Great Bear 14’ Inflatable Paddle Board
– Boardworks Great Bear 14’ Touring Paddle Board
– Werner RipStick Paddle

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