Learn Jenkins! Complete Jenkins Course – Zero to Hero

Jenkins is an open source automation server which enables you to reliably build, test, and deploy your software. It is one of the most sought over skills for a DevOps Engineer to have. There are many other ‘newer’ CI/CD solutions like CircleCI and Github Actions but Jenkins still has the largest footprint in the CI/CD space. Knowing how to setup and manage a Jenkins Infrastructure as well as how to setup and troubleshoot Freestyle builds and Groovy Pipelines is something you that will help you grow your Career as an Engineer.

In this video we go over what is Jenkins, and how we can install Jenkins and create CI/CD Pipelines.

Watch this 1 hour course, follow along with the lab and make yourself a better Engineer!

Code Available here: https://github.com/devopsjourney1/jenkins-101

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00:00:00 Jenkins Introduction
00:00:52 Jenkins TLDR – What is Jenkins?
00:01:39 Jenkins Infrastructure – Master Server and Agents
00:02:23 Jenkins Agents – Permanent and Cloud Based
00:03:54 FreeStyle Builds and Pipelines
00:06:07 Setting up Jenkins using Docker
00:11:06 Jenkins Web GUI Walkthrough
00:15:52 Creating a Simple Freestyle Job
00:26:38 Exploring the Jenkins Filesystem and Workspace
00:29:59 Freestyle job – Running Python scripts with Jenkins
00:33:40 Setting up Docker Cloud Agents
00:37:08 Jenkins Agent using Docker Desktop fix
00:39:20 Docker Agent Template Setup
00:41:44 Using Labels to restrict Jobs to Agents
00:47:31 Setting Builds to be automatically triggered on commits
00:49:59 Setting up Declarative Pipelines using Groovy
00:56:03 Using a Jenkinsfile for Pipelines
01:05:53 Jenkins BlueOcean

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YZvp2GwT0A

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