|| some of class 1a react to The Afton Family ||

hey guys!! how are you all? sorry this took like SOOO long to make fr..
I was busy and I had no motivation to do this 🙁
i think this video has a lot of mistakes and is super lazy so IM SORRY


https://youtu.be/Sq3Wz1VR2k0?list=PL0RreIFTzz5KS9Otzb-IWyV6IKUdKu8e8 (a lot of these memes are Bendy the Bunny LOL)
(MY FAVORITE MEME) https://youtu.be/7T4of1Awx0c?list=PL0RreIFTzz5KS9Otzb-IWyV6IKUdKu8e8


credit for the art in thumbnail: Dededanesh Delicia and Golden Dreemurr

(sorry if some of the music isn’t playing)

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEhLvHQfgTY

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