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This Python tuples tutorial will help you understand the concept of tuples in Python. It will also take you through some of the important concepts in Python including creating tuples, what are the differences between list and tuple, different operations on a tuple, built-in function with a tuple, how to convert a list into a tuple, defining tuple inside a list and vice versa using hand-on simple Python programming which helps you to write intermediate level programs using tuples in Python. Now, let us get started and understand Python tuples in detail

Below topics are explained in this Python tuples tutorial:
1. What are tuples in Python? (00:38)
2. Creating tuples (02:16)
3. Difference between tuple and list (06:29)
4. Accessing elements in a tuple (06:56)
5. Operations on tuples (08:05)
6. Built-in functions with tuples
7. Converting lists into tuples (16:49)
8. Defining tuple inside a list (17:50)
9. Defining list inside a tuple (19:17)
10. Exercise (21:13)

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