Automate EVERYTHING with Ansible! (Ansible for Beginners)

Ansible. Need I say more? Well, maybe, if you’ve never heard of it. Ansible is a simple IT / DevOps automation that anyone can use. You can Automate anything with an SSH connection and WITHOUT installing any agents or clients. Join me as we set up, configure and start automating with Ansible!

Video Notes:

See our collection of common homelab ansible playbooks here!

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00:00 – Intro
00:51 – The problem at hand
01:15 – What is Ansible? Ansible 101
01:35 – Ansible use cases
02:18 – Ansible requirements and setting up our workstation
03:22 – Ansible & SSH
04:02 – Ansible Inventory files
05:20 – Ansible module commands
06:18 – sshpass program
06:52 – What are you we going to automate now?
07:14 – Ansible Playbooks
07:48 – Ansible playbooks yml
08:04 – Create a playbook using the Ansible apt module
09:22 – command with ask-become-pass
10:05 – Execute our apt upgrade playbook
11:16 – Create a playbook to install software
13:06 – Create a playbook that uses a template with multiple tasks
15:56 – Execute our playbook that starts / stops / copies file
16:42 – My challenge to you!
17:12 – Do you use Ansible?
17:46 – Stream Highlights – It’s overwhelming all of the knowledge I need…

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“Hadron Collider” is from Harris Heller’s album Ego.

Thank you for watching!


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