Galaxy S23 3 Months Later: The Good and The Bad…

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Today I will be sharing with you my experience and long term review after using the Samsung Galaxy S23 for the past 3 months. The Galaxy S23 corrects some of the key shortcomings from the previous s23, such as bringing substantial improvements in performance and battery life, but still the S23 is not perfect. Don’t worry, in this video I will cover everything you need to know.

️ Video Chapters
00:00 AHOI – Sponsor
01:40 Design
02:30 Durability
03:15 Display
05:31 Cameras
08:38 Battery Life
09:46 Performance
10:55 Longevity
11:44 The Verdict

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Thank you for watching, let me know if you have any questions, take care.

Dion Schuddeboom

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