AWS Lambda Tutorial: How to deploy Node.js REST APIs on aws lambda Function

In this video we are going to deploy our Expressjs rest api on aws lambda function using serverless framework
which is a great combination, super simple to use and extremely powerful

So if you are not familiar with lambda. so let me tell you its new paradigm that provides function as a service

So lambda is a cloud computing architecture where the application owner does not purchase, rent, manage, our provision the servers,
instead aws manages the infrastructure side of the things for the applications.

The biggest advantages of this architecture is that provisioning of servers is done dynamically to meet the real-time computing demand

serverless doesn’t mean it run without server it means we don’t need to manage the server side things so we could only focus on development

Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) is a business model that lets you execute a piece of code and only charges you for the resources you use. As a developer, this means that you don’t have to think about managing servers and scaling. You just focus on code.

There are several service providers who provide FaaS, such as Amazon Web Services Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Microsoft Azure Functions.

In this post we will see how to deploy an Express.js application to the AWS Lambda function and we will use the Serverless Framework to automate our deployment process.

In this video we will:

Understand Serverless
Convert the Express app to make it ready to deploy on the Lambda environment
Set up Serverless Framework and deploy the application to AWS Lambda
Finally, test our application

Why use Serverless

With a serverless architecture, you pay only for what you use. There is no idle capacity, no wasted resources, or money.

No Server Management:
Say goodbye to backend infrastructure management. No downtime, no provisioning or maintaining of servers ever again.

Virtually limitless scalability:
Scale only functions and not the application. Scaling up or down is as simple as executing a few lines of code.

High availability:
Extreme fault tolerance, which is made possible by multiple redundancies, is baked into the serverless architecture.


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