Shotcut Video Editor Tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial for beginners, learn how to use the Shotcut video editor. Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor that works extremely well.

Additional resources:
– Sample files for the Kevin Cookie Company Commercial:!70143&authkey=!ALskcRd5lEnkGNM&e=eqOqi4
– Download & install Shotcut:
– Comprehensive list of shortcut keys:

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:55 Download & install Shotcut
2:05 Get sample files
2:29 Create new project & open recent projects
3:53 Playlist & adding media
4:26 Change how media appears in playlist
5:53 Preview pane
6:31 Frames & customize view
7:55 Pre-set views
8:37 Edit clip in preview pane
9:53 Add clip to timeline
10:33 Timeline & edit on timeline
15:06 Fade transition
15:38 Ripple move
16:37 Bringing multiple clips onto timeline
17:10 Edit clips on timeline
20:18 Apply video filter
22:26 Add audio / music
24:33 Audio filters
25:52 Insert text onto clip or track
27:22 Keyframes
29:12 Export
30:38 View final video
31:09 Wrap up

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