Getting Started With Dash: Easy Data Visualization In Python – Part 1/3

A very common thing you want to do in Python is visualize your data in a dashboard. Today I show you how to set up data visualization using Plotly Dash in Python in a few easy steps. I’m going to revisit this example in a few weeks to add more features to the dashboard and to improve the design. A big thank you to Mark Todisco for his help with preparing the code example!

The code I worked on in this tutorial is available here:

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Code reviewers:
– Yoriz
– Ryan Laursen
– James Dooley
– Dale Hagglund

Video edited by Mark Bacskai:

0:00 Intro
1:17 Explaining the example
2:41 Introduction to Dash
5:10 Setting up a Dash application
8:02 Adding a dropdown component
13:09 Adding a button to select all nations
14:31 Dash callbacks with inputs and outputs
17:21 Adding a bar chart
20:24 Connecting the dropdown with the bar chart
24:10 Showing a message if no data is selected
25:02 Analysis of the application setup

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