17. Library App Demo || Nodejs Beginner to Advanced || Codebook

Learn Nodejs beginner to Advanced. In this video, we’ll explain what we are going to build in this App and study it in-depth. Learn more about nodejs & its commands here: https://nodejs.org/

Find Code here: https://github.com/codebook-yt/nodejs-beginner-to-advanced

If you want to know how Node.js works, you’ll need to understand a few key features of JavaScript that make it well suited to server-side development. Despite its simplicity, JavaScript is incredibly flexible. Due to its adaptability, it has endured. Its first-class functions and closures make it a perfect language for building web-based software.

After a brief introduction to JavaScript, we’ll look at how Node.js used JavaScript to provide a highly performant platform for web apps.

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2hwUSNO5-A

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