Docker Tutorial for Beginners | Dockerize Any App in 2024

Master Docker in one course; learn about images and containers on Docker Hub, running multiple containers with Docker Compose, automating workflows with Docker Compose Watch, and much more.

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Time Stamps
00:00:00 — Intro
00:01:58 — What’s Docker?
00:03:23 — Why should we use Docker?
00:06:20 — How does Docker work?
00:12:07 — How to Use Docker?
00:19:50 — Hello Docker Demo
00:24:16 — React Docker Demo
00:41:54 — Publish Docker Image
00:44:17 — Docker Compose (React Demo)
00:53:32 — Docker Compose Watch (MERN Demo)
01:11:34 — Docker Scout
01:13:22 — Full Stack Next.js 14 Demo
01:22:52 — Should You Dockerize your application?


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