#46 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Special Variable __name__

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In this lecture we will learn:
– What is the starting point of execution of code?
– What is a special variable in Python?
– __name__ variable in python
– How the name variable works in Python?

– __main__ is the starting point of the python.
– The first module name is always main and the code starts from main.
– __name__ is a variable name that return the __main__.
– _name__ is a built-in variable that evaluates the name of the current module.
– The value of the name changes as per the place where it is used, so that’s why it is known as a variable.
– If you are an individual file or module, then the name will return main.
– If you are importing another module containing the name variable in any file, then the name variable will return the name of that module.
– If you are running a file as a main and using a named variable in it, then it will print the main.
– But if you are printing a name that is imported as a module in another file, then it will print the module name.

– The use of a function with the name variable helps the interpreter in checking if it’s parsing the currently executed script, or if it’s temporarily parsing another external script.
if __name__ == “__main__”:
This statement helps us to control the behaviour of different parts of the program.
– It chooses the number of lines of codes that can be executed from the external script as well as the currently executed script depending on the scenarios.

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