Python for Traders – Crash Course – Ultimate Guide 2024

Welcome to “Python for Traders,” a comprehensive journey into using Python to enhance your trading strategies. This course is designed to equip you with the essential Python skills and tools necessary to analyze, visualize, and implement trading strategies. Whether you’re a beginner in coding or trading, this course will provide a solid foundation, combining both theoretical knowledge and practical insights to help you navigate the world of trading with Python.

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Part 1: ntroduction to Python for Trading (2 hours)
Objective: Understand Python basics and how they apply to trading.


1)Python Basics: Overview of Python, setting up the environment, understanding syntax, variables, expressions, and data types.

2)Control Structures: Introduction to conditional statements (if/else) and loops (for/while) to manage the flow of the program.

3)Functions and Classes: Understanding how to create reusable code and modular designs with functions and basic object-oriented programming.

00:00 – Intro
02:10 – Setting Python Environment
06:50 – Python IDE and Cloud Platforms
10:30 – Basic PIP Commands
12:41 – Writing First Python Programming
18:05 – Writing Python Code in Jupyter Notebook
29:11 – Understanding Data Types
31:23 – Boolean and Conditional Structures
43:52 – Manipulating Python Strings
57:50 – Understanding Lists
01:07:44 – Understanding For Loop
01:16:45 – Understanding Dictionaries
01:28:42 – Understanding Set, Tuples
01:32:32 – Python Functions
01:48:40 – Q&A Session

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