[FULL COURSE] Crash course on React Fundamentals!

Hi everyone! I originally planned to publish this React crash course on Udemy, but after some though I decided to make it available to everyone here on YouTube 🙂 In this React Fundamentals course, I cover the most important concepts of React, from working with JSX and managing React state to working effectively with React Hooks and React Context. I’m super happy to share this knowledge with you, and super happy to get your feedback and impressions in the comments.

GitHub repo with the code: https://github.com/lauromueller/fundamentals-react-memory-game

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0:00 Course overview
9:28 Introduction and setup
32:05 Fundamentals of JSX
49:07 React concepts
1:49:48 Managing state in React
2:22:55 Managing events in React
3:03:17 Component lifecycle in React
3:43:30 React Hooks
4:16:41 Implementing our board component
5:05:51 React Context
6:32:16 Setting up a React project from scratch

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxKeyM5wEis

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