MobX in React Tutorial – the basics

Watch part 1 of a series of Tech Talks: MobX in React – using the MobX library in React-based applications.

In the first part we will cover the basics – what MobX is, how it works and how to use it outside React. Then we will look at how MobX can be integrated with React components.

You can run the project used in the presentation locally:

Learn more about MobX in React at

Watch part 2 of the series – it’s now available here:

00:00 Introduction
00:32 What is MobX?
02:04 How does MobX work?
03:38 Demo 1: autorun(…) and onservable (…)
21:07 Demo 2: make(Auto)Observable
28:11 Demo 3: Observable state
31:02 Demo 4: Arrays
36:44 Demo 5: Asynchronous action
44:08 How to integrate MobX with React?
55:15: Summary


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