NSP – Galaxy Hamster

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Video By Apartment D Films
Music By Ninja Sex Party

Director: Sean Malony
Producer: Max Lopez
Producer: Cami Kwan
Director of Photography: Warren Sheetz
Art Director: Alexander Rocco
Production Coordinator: Celine Villagran
Lead Fabricator: Ilyssa Simsek
Puppet Fabricator: Natalie Mortell
Puppets Consultant: Joe Aragon
3D Printing Technician: Cami Kwan
Additional Fabrication: Joan Hui Ko + Caleb Schuh

2D Facial Illustration: Megan Van Hoogmoed
Trimensional Animation: Hans Voegeli, Danny Ruiz, Sean Malony
Additional Animation: Judy Apple Kim, Grayce Lee
Grip: Shane Geller
Set Dresser: Marisa Gehrig
Production Assistant: Kevin Musterait
Rigging Wizard: Max Lopez

Track Reads/Lip Sync: Caleb Schuh
VFX and Editing: Sean Malony
Compositer: Kevin Musterait
Nebula FX Created By Yuya Takeda
Abstract Paintings By Robyn Stanford
James Webb Space Telescope & Hubble Telescope Images From NASA
Scrap Metal & Shiny Junk From APEX Surplus Corporation
Old Broken Toys Courtesy Of Kathy and Steve Malony, Robert Malony, Katie Johnson, Jim Knoll, Van Ngo Malhotra, Dori Anna Wooton, Laurie Kierstein, Alexis Weiner, Sean Malony

Special Thanks To Chris Wilson, Aaron Umetani, Zoe Kim, Elsie McCart, Ari Grabb, John Sumner, Tiffany Liu, Kim DeJohn, Owen Hunter, Jen Prokopowicz, Chloe Smith, Brent Lilley, Three Sister’s Coffee and Tea, Kopaka, Tahu & Lewa (via Hans Voegeli), And all of the awesome artists at Apartment D

Most Special-est Thanks To Sam-I-Am & Sack-A-Pack, Tucker, Coco, Camilla, Ash, The Baby & Crunchwrap Supreme, Hugo, Holstein, Perry, Chester, Yzma, Salmon, Sage & Yuki, Minou, Sauerkraut & Hyperion, Pancake, Rocket, Lylla, Luna & Harry, Lucy, Ellie, Cleo, Charlie, Nacho, Sophie & Piper, Romeo, Pastuzo (aka Stuz), Feya, Remy, Red & Blue, Marzipan, Cuddles, Attie, Brain, Nestle, Tinker, Mindy, Blarney, Rembrandt, Lotus, Bailey, Snafu & Fiasco, And every adorable animal to ever have existed.

Filmed in DragonFrame at Apartment D in Burbank, CA

Music Written By Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, & Jim Roach
Produced by: Jim Roach
Mixed by: Jay Ruston
Mastered by: Justin Shturtz
Vocals: Dan Avidan
Piano and Synths: Brian Wecht
Bass and Guitars: Jim Roach
Drums: Aaron Sterling
Dad: Avi Avidan

Deep in the suburbs of New Jersey
In the basement of the Sexbang house
You are the hero with the heart of a god
Yet you’re barely the size of a mouse

You can see the nightly news on TV
As you race on the wheel of your cage
Watching as society all goes to shit
Your tiny body filling with rage

Galaxy Hamster! Galaxy Hamster!
Your training is almost complete
Galaxy Hamster! Galaxy Hamster!
Now unleash your powerful scream


Ever since the battle of Gerbulon V
The galaxy was ripped in twain
The rodents of the Northern Alliance were called
To defend those who had not been slain

The fates of the goldfish and snakes had aligned
United by a common foe
To banish the hamster king from his command
But one hero could save the throne

Only the dead have seen the end of war!

Galaxy Hamster! Galaxy Hamster!
A savior of all those who squeak
Galaxy Hamster! Galaxy Hamster!
You store all your wrath in your cheeks

Galaxy Hamster! Galaxy Hamster!

Avi: Dan, are you playing with your small pets?
Danny: No dad! Don’t come in my room!

(Choking sound)

…Galaxy Hamster?

Sweet hamster you have saved the galaxy
Fill your cheeks with sunflower seeds of victory
You did not stop ‘til your mission was through
You just died of natural causes at the old age of two

Ride on the wings of a rainbow
You’re free to go fly
To a cage in the sky

Dad, I need a new Galaxy Hamster!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBLuqQ_n3bg

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