Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Unboxing and First Impressions

Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Keep reading my first impressions below.

I got the Galaxy Watch 4 last year and even if I liked the aesthetic of it, 1 thing soon became very annoying: battery life. At the beginning, it was barely getting to the end of the day and after the third software update, it couldn’t make it to bedtime without a little quick charge midday.

When this one came out I was looking forward to a battery improvement but, based on the specifics, it looks like there was not much of an improvement on the 40mm model that would justify a new purchase. But my husband suggested to switch to the 44mm model which is equipped with a better battery. And I’m glad we went for it! I cannot belive that after 24h of use the battery was still over 70%!

I also decided to ditch my usual ‘pink all over’ for a more neutral palette. I feel like the silver case goes beautifully with the olive band 🤩 Do you agree with me?

Of course I had to take a pink band too because I mean…pink is my neutral . I’m happy to report the new pink band is different from the previous version. As you can see in the video, the color of old version is more muted and the hardware has a cooler tone, while the new version is slightly more vibrant and warmer. I like it a lot!

Inside, the UI is basically the same, I was able to sync the majority of the settings from my old Galaxy Watch 4 so the switch was super quick and I was already familiar with the everything.

Super approved so far!

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