GALAXY WATCH 3 (Biggest Frustrations & Best Features after 1 Month of Daily Use)

The Galaxy Watch 3 came out one month ago and I have been wearing it every day. This is what I found.
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Added blood oxygen
For best results, slide up wrist slightly
Still no ECG or blood pressure

Only 8GB storage… c’mon man, it’s 2020
Strap is very comfortable. I recommend having two – one for workouts, and one for style
Rep tracking and move reminders are cool, but sometimes it sucks at rep tracking. I would almost rather it not count at all if it counts incorrectly
Bezel actuation is unparalleled. A fantastic benefit of using this watch, that I miss on other watches
No Google Assistant. Not really any Google Maps but you can get Navigation Pro 3rd party app
Bixby works, sort of, but I never use it. Sometimes it freaks out and freezes and other times it turns on for no reason. Time to disable it
Battery life is better than I expected:
With normal workout, normal use, and AOD, I was getting 38.5 hrs
With lots of GPS, I was getting as little as 19 hrs
With no AOD or GPS, I was getting 49 hrs
When battery does die, you can easily charge with wireless charging pads, or the back of a phone
Not that many apps available – Samsung ones are still the best
Speaker is loud & clear, and phone calls work perfectly
Spotify kind of sucks, so you need to manually add songs to the music player app for offline music listening while you run
Workout screens are great and easily controlled by bezel. I like that the music player was added
Auto fitness tracking is the best! Sometimes I go for walks or runs and I don’t always remember to start my watch.
I wish Samsung Pay was easier to sign into
iPhone integration?

Overall incredible watch, with a great bezel, display, and functionality

My camera:

My microphone:

My audio recorder:

My tripod:

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