Laravel 10 Full Course #19 Admin Profile & Image Update Part 3

Laravel 10 Full Course #19 Admin Profile & Image Update Part 3
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Laravel 10 continues the improvements made in Laravel 9.x by introducing argument and return types to all application skeleton methods, as well as all stub files used to generate classes throughout the framework. In addition, a new, developer-friendly abstraction layer has been introduced for starting and interacting with external processes. Further, Laravel Pennant has been introduced to provide a wonderful approach to managing your application’s “feature flags”.
Laravel 10.x requires a minimum PHP version of 8.1.
A new first-party package, Laravel Pennant, has been released. Laravel Pennant offers a light-weight, streamlined approach to managing your application’s feature flags. Out of the box, Pennant includes an in-memory array driver and a database driver for persistent feature storage.
Process Interaction
The process abstraction layer was contributed by Nuno Maduro and Taylor Otwell.

Why We Should Learn Laravel?

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