Growing a podcast audience – podcast marketing examples

Justin Jackson (Transistor) and Matt Stauffer (The Laravel Podcast with Taylor Otwell) discuss strategies for podcast growth. They delve into different marketing ideas, promotion tips, and ways to capitalize on social media platforms to attract more listeners. This conversation covers topics like tailored RSS feeds for better SEO, utilizing packaging and show art, collaborations and endorsements, dynamic ad insertion, and leveraging social capital.

Here are the top podcast marketing tips from the video:

00:00 Introduction and Technical Difficulties
00:23 Getting to Know Matt Stauffer and Laravel
00:54 The Laravel Podcast and its Potential
02:21 The Evolution of the Laravel Podcast
02:55 The Need for More Exposure and Engagement
03:22 The Impact of High Profile Guests: Taylor Otwell example
03:33 Analyzing Podcast Analytics
06:18 The Importance of Marketing and Packaging
08:22 Optimizing Search Engine Results
12:52 Leveraging Social Media for Podcast Discovery
12:52 Engaging the Community for Podcast Promotion
21:18 Crosspost your podcast on YouTube, generate clips for TikTok, Reels, and Shorts.
28:47 Creating a Podcast Trailer
29:31 Conclusion and Appreciation

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